Do's and Don'ts of Paper 2

Do's Don'ts
Supply basic information about the works in the introduction. Start with sweeping generalisations.
Answer the question in your thesis statement and every topic sentence. Analyse the texts without returning to the question and thesis.
Integrate evidence from both works into each paragraph to support the topic sentence / claim. Forget to make true comparisons between the works. (Alternating paragraphs are not always comparative.)
Explore literary devices that are big, ie imagery, symbolism, narrative technique, in relation to the question. Analyse irrelevant details from each work, that show your knowledge but ignore the question.
Interpret and evaluate. Summarise, explain or waffle!
Address the relevant similarities and differences of the literary forms (genre) Make superficial comparisons between literary forms.
Keep your conclusion short, reiterate the main evidence and answer the question: ‘so what?’ Summarise the introduction in your conclusion or introduce new points / evidence in the conclusion.
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