Unit planner

This is a unit planner for a unit on inequality and culture. It is presented here as one of many ways to engages with a range of texts and topics in preparation for Paper 1. 

Conceptual understanding

  • The key concepts for this unit is culture.
  • Related concepts for this unit include protest, inequality, wealth and socialism. 
  • The purpose of this unit is to understand how social constructs of wealth inequality are represented in opinion columns, comic strips, magazine covers and websites.
  • The learning has been contextualised by exploring protest movements from the Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter.
Lines of inquiry
  • In what ways have people protested social injustices around the world in recent decades? (factual)
  • To what degree is our understanding of human rights and privileges cultural? (conceptual) 
  • To what degree are protests effective in initiating change? (debatable)
Learning goals

  • We aim to develop an understanding of the language of opinion columns, magazine covers, comic strips and websites
  • We aim to develop writing skills that enable us to perform well on the Paper 1 exam on textual analysis.
  • We aim to become better global citizens, through an exploration of different cultures, communities and histories.
7-week overview

  1. Read a model Paper 1 response and write a paragraph about one stylistic feature that is found in one of the four stimulus texts.
  2. Rewrite the paragraph that analyses my stimulus text.
  3. Collaborate with classmates to create a 'shout-out poster' which explains one of four text types: comic strip, magazine cover, opinion piece or website.
  4. Gain a deeper understanding of Paper 1 and its requirements. Mark another model response and write my own Paper 1 response to one of 12 texts on offer. 
  5. Receive feedback on my take-home Paper 1 response and rewrite it. 
  6. Take a mock Paper-1 exam under exam conditions. Receive feedback on it and reflect on it. Write a portfolio entry to showcase final products and show my learning journey.


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