1.3 A picture says a thousand words (HL)

The following worksheet introduces you to the photography of Gordon Parks, a body of work (BOW) that aims captures the spirit of African American communities in the 1940s -1960s. You are asked to identify the key stylistic features of photography and apply your understanding of these features to another photographer. You will write an analytical paragraph about 2-3 photographs by a favourite photographer. In groups, you will present another, visual, non-literary body of work (BOW) of choice. Finally, you will take your own photograph of a friend or family member and experience, first hand, the challenges of capturing one's sense of identity through the medium of photography. According to Mr Philpot's course outline, this worksheet comes at the end of unit 1 and is for HL students only. 

1.3 A picture says a thousand words

A collection of photographs, by single photographer, can be considered a non-literary body of work (BOW) which you can analyse in your individual oral. 

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