The Reluctant Fundamentalist

This worksheet is used by Mr Philpot with Grade 10 (pre-IBDP) students to develop a practice Paper 2, in which students compare The Great Gatsby to The Reluctant Fundamentalist. This is the second worksheet in a unit of two worksheets. Activities scaffold skills for unpacking guiding questions, writing thesis statements and structuring the comparative essay. This worksheet takes students about 4 weeks to complete.  

Worksheet: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Collaborative skills are important. You'll notice that the worksheet encourages you to "steal" ideas from classmates to improve on your first Paper 2 draft. In the first year of the DP (or even before you start the DP), it's more important to collaborate with classmates and develop skills than to test your knowledge of a work. While any given literary work can be explored for any given assessment component, try engaging with one work as a class with one particular assessment component in mind. You'll find opportunities to collaborate and build relevant skills. 

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