The Unwanted

The Unwanted is a section from Journalism by Joe Sacco, published in 2009. This lesson explores the first 24 pages of this piece of graphic journalism, in order to gain a better understanding of immigration, related global issues and graphic novels, as a text type. Read the pages provided below and discuss your answers to the following questions. 

  1. How does this piece of graphic journalism make you feel? What is your gut response to what you have read and seen on these pages? What makes you feel this way?

  2. What kinds of issues are explored in this extract from The Unwanted? Make a list of global issues that go beyond single-word topics like 'immigration'.

  3. How biased or neutral is Joe Sacco in his reporting of the issues on Malta? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

  4. How does Joe Sacco stick to or break the conventions of comics and graphic novels

  5. If you could ask Joe Sacco any question about this work or any other, what would you ask him? Why do you want to know this? 

  6. How does this text relate to and deepen your understanding of one or more of the concepts from this course: transformation, identity, representation, communication, culture, creativity or perspective?



In theory you could use this piece of graphic journalism as a literary work (prose: non-fiction, freely chosen) or a non-literary body or work for an individual oral. How would you pair an extract from this (body of) work with another text, to show how two writers have presented a common global issue? Discuss your selection of texts and global issue with your teacher. Write an outline for this individual oral in your learner portfolio

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