Course aims

Why take this course in language and literature? The course is designed in such a way to help you achieve these four aims:

  1. Develop an understanding of how ‘meaning’ is negotiated between texts, readers, writers and contexts.

  2. Develop one’s ability to interpret, analyse and evaluate a range of texts.

  3. Develop one’s powers of expression.

  4. Develop a lifelong appreciation of language and literature.
Approaches to teaching and learning (ATL)

The IB Diploma encourages you to develop 5 skills: Thinking skills, communication skills, social skills, self-management skills, and research skills. As you study the course aims, you clearly see relevance of communication skills ('powers of expression') and media literacy, which is part of research skills. Analysing and evaluating texts, which is arguably the core business of the Language and Literature course, requires critical thinking. Furthermore, you are not likely to appreciate language if the Language and Literature course is not fun. Research into 'affective learning' (an aspect of self-management skills) tells us that motivation matters most. Without motivation, you are not likely to learn. Therefore, in order to develop an appreciation of texts, both teachers and students should make an effort to make the course meaningful.

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