About the authors

Brad Philpot has a passion for language, literature and learning. He is an experienced examiner, workshop leader, speaker, teacher and textbook author. He has authored two editions of English A: Language and Literature and English B for the IB Diploma Programme with Cambridge University Press. He is the original author of the ThinkIB Subject Site for English A: Language and Literature. Since 2008, he has shared his passion, experiences and expertise with over 3,000 teachers all around the world through Philpot Education, a provider of educational resources and workshops. Since 2020, he has taught English at Frankfurt International School. 

John Royce is English – but most of his working life has been spent outside Britain. He has taught in Zambia, England, Malawi, Germany and Turkey. He started out as a teacher but, forced reluctantly into taking over his school’s library, found a new career. After some years as a teacher-librarian (UK style), he has worked as full-time librarian since 1981. As a school librarian, he regards himself as a teacher without a timetable commitment, the perfect job. He has delivered IB workshops since 2004, face-to-face and online, in Extended Essay, Academic Honesty and for Librarians. As well as workshops, he has presented lectures and led mini-workshops on many topics and to many audiences. He was a member of the team which produced the IB publications Academic honesty in the IB educational context and Effective citing and referencing and authored Credit where it’s due for the School Library Association. Since leaving Turkey, John has worked as a freelance educational consultant and trainer. He also enjoys photography, reading and writing. You can find out more about John at Read 2 Live.

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