Learner portfolio

Students are required to keep a 'learner portfolio' throughout their course. The IB reserves the right to ask students for their portfolios. As a minimum requirement, the portfolio should include a list of the literary and non-literary texts that were explored both in and out of class. The learner portfolio may be a showcase of student's best work or a process journal of works in progress. The word cloud below shows some of the associations that you may have with the learner portfolio. Explore the section on portfolios for more in-depth understanding of how Mr. Philpot and his classes are developing their portfolios. 


The individual oral (IO) is based on one of the student's global issues that has been developed throughout the course through the learner portfolio. For this reason it helps to divide the portfolio into sections, each of which explores a different global issue. You can include and analyse non-literary texts that are related to each global issue in preparation for Paper 1. In preparation for Paper 2 it makes sense to give each literary work a section in the portfolio, where you place notes from classroom discussions and activities.

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