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One of the core requirements for the IB Diploma Programme is the Extended Essay. Students complete a 4,000-word essay, exploring a research question and topic of choice, developing inquiry, writing and critical thinking skills. Our in-school workshops on the EE help teachers become confident supervisors, so that they can support their students effectively. We have also done half-day worksops for staff, followed by half-day workshops for students. Check out sample workshop materials on the EE Support Site

Sample agenda

1: Skills and assessment (45-90 minutes): What do we already know about the EE? What skills are assessed and how can they be developed? What does a good script look like? What does the journey to this final product look like? How do we develop critical thinking skills?

2: Supervision and reflection (45-90 minutes): What are the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, coordinators and candidates? How can reflection skills be developed? What does a good RPPF look like?

3: Inquiry and research (45-90 minutes): What do good research questions look like? How can students evaluate sources effectively? How can supervisors help students develop research habits?

4: Writing (45-90 minutes): What does good writing look like? How can supervisors help students write critically and think critically? How should an EE be structured?

Workshop leader

Brad Philpot has a passion for language, literature and learning. He is an experienced examiner, workshop leader, speaker, teacher and textbook author. He has authored two editions of English A: Language and Literature and English B for the IB Diploma Programme with Cambridge University Press. He is the original author of the ThinkIB Subject Site for English A: Language and Literature. Since 2008, he has shared his passion, experiences and expertise with over 3,000 teachers all around the world through Philpot Education, a provider of educational resources and workshops. Since 2020, he has taught English at Frankfurt International School. 


"The personal touch Brad Philpot offered made the difference. A very holistic approach for a workshop provider." - Kathleen Battah, Wellspring Learning Community, Beirut, Lebanon

"This workshop was ideal for getting all our supervisors on the same page. Brad's resources were great. I'm sure they'll inform our EE processes for years to come.” - Timothy Patton, Head of IB Core, American International in Egypt

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