Diesel 'Stupid'

In 2010, Diesel, a clothing brand, ran a campaign called 'Stupid'. 'Stupid', however, was more than their tagline. It was a philosophy. Check out this non-literary body of work (BOW) and engage with the billboards and advertisements through the activities below. 

Diesel 'Stupid' ads

  1. Assign everyone in your class one of the ads from the body of work above. Do a see, think, wonder routine on the ad that you have been assigned. You can use sticky notes on a whiteboard or a create Jamboard. Place your ad in the middle of your board and write multiple see, think, wonder responses around it. Share your board with your classmates through a gallery walk.

  2. See Think Wonder
    What do you see in the ad? What images catch your eye? What do these images make you think about? What questions do you still have? What do you wonder

  3. Now watch the video below and discuss your answers to these questions:

    1. Has this official 'Be Stupid Philosophy' answered your wonderings? Find out whatever you still want to find out through an online search. Share your findings with your classmates.
    2. Do you think these ads are 'helpful' or 'harmful' for young people coming of age? Stand on opposite sides, or in the middle of your room to express your opinion. What makes you stand where you stand?
    3. Read the 'Are you Stupid?' slide, which asks you to participate in their campaign by creating and publishing a video of you doing something stupid. Would you do this? Why or why not?

  4. Write a 250-400-word letter to Diesel in response to this campaign. Pretend you are writing it in the year 2010, after its release. See the page on Letters of complaint, as a model for your letter. 


This body of work lends itself well to an individual oral. As a global issue, you may want to explore how advertisers encourage young people to engage in reckless and loose behavior.  

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