Planning the IO

What's your plan for the individual oral (IO)? What would you spend each minute of the oral talking about? The following guide for planning and outlining your oral is only a recommendation. It is not a prescribed planned. Try this plan or vacations on it for mock orals  to see what works for you. 


Just to clarify...

What is meant by 'feature 1, 2 and 3'? Depending on your literary work, you may focus on diction, imagery, narrative technique,  symbolism or something else. With so little time, it's important that you 'pick your battles' and it's important to pick big battles that matter. Rather than focusing on the use of onomatopoeia in line 6 of a poem, for example, it's better to focus on how an author appeals to a sense of sound in one poem and other poems. 'Features 4, 5 and 6' are labelled as such to indicate that the features of the non-literary Body of Work (BOW) may be very different than those explored in the literary work. See the Individual oral FAQs for answers to any other questions you may have.

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