Funmi Fetto

Funmi Fetto is a columnist for The Observer, Vogue and Glamour Magazine. Born in London to Nigerian parents, she lives in the UK and writes about fashion, beauty products and popular culture. Here are several opinion columns that she has written. The activities on this page encourage you to find more of her columns and explore her ideas on race and the beauty industry further. You can use this collection of columns as a non-literary Body of Work for your individual oral. 

  1. Get into groups. Assign each group a different opinion column by Funmi Fetto from the slideshow above. In your group, make a 'connect, extend, challenge' chart, like the one you see below. Report back to the class, summarise your article for your classmates and share your answers from the 'connect, extend, challenge' chart. As a class discuss each column from everyone's chart. 

  2. Connect Extend Challenge
    How did the ideas from your opinion column connect to what you already knew about the beauty industry, self-esteem and related topics? What new ideas did you get from your column that extended or pushed your thinking in new directions? What is still challenging or confusing about Funmi Fetto's articles? What questions, wonderings or puzzles do you have?

  3. As each group presents their article, make a list of global issues that Funmi Fetto addresses in her writing. See the page on global issues for guidance on how to articulate a global issue. Be sure to combine both abstract concepts (such as identity) with concrete, real-word problems (such as Eurocentric depictions of beauty).

  4. In groups, do an online search for another opinion column by Funmi Fetto that explores one of the global issues from your class' list of issues. As a group, share your article with your classmates in a short presentation. In your presentation adddress the following points:

    • What kinds of stylistic and structural features do you see in this article and other articles you have read by her?
    • In what ways are her ideas relevant to one or more global issues that you are exploring as a class?

  5. Return to the novel, The Bluest Eye. In what ways does Funmi Fetto present global issues that are similar to those that you found in Morisson's novel? Compare and contrast your lists of issues from Fetto's Body of Work and Morisson's work. Where do you see commonalities. How are they presented in different ways?


So far in this unit, you have studied several non-literary Bodies of Work (BOWs) that relate to the novel, The Bluest Eye. While the texts in this unit revolve around 'beauty and perspective', you may wish to explore other concepts and global issues such as economic inequalities and how they are represented in various media.

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