Course assessment

The final grade of the English A: Language and Literature course is composed of 3 components at standard level (SL) and 4 components at higher level (HL). Each component is explored as its own section on this Support Site, including practice papers, examples of student scripts, skills and practice activities and guidance. 

% SL Component % HL
35 Paper 1: Guided analysis
SL = An analysis of 1 of 2 unseen texts in 1 hr. 15 min.
HL = 2 separate analyses, one on each text in 2 hr. 15 min.
35 Paper 2: Comparative essay
SL/HL = Answer 1 of 4 essay questions, comparing 2 literary texts (not used for HL Essay or IO. 
N/A HL Essay
An 1,200-1,500-word (research) essay on a line of inquiry and a non-literary body of work or a literary work of choice. 
30 Individual oral
A 10-minute presentation on how global issue is presented in (extracts from) a non-literary and literary text. 

Generally speaking, the assessment criteria for all components are similar. What's more the assessment criteria for SL and HL for Paper 1, Paper 2 and the individual oral are exactly the same. There is no differentiation. This poster gives you an overview of the four criteria that are used for all components in one form or another. See the assessment-specific rubrics for detail.

A1 poster: 4 criteria for Language A
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