IO Checklist

Before you deliver your individual oral, it helps to check that you have done everything that you can do. Like any checklist, this list asks you yes or no questions. It is up to you to determine to what degree your efforts and preparation are satisfactory before ticking off the items on this list. These questions are based on the assessment criteria, in order to help you understand the expectations of this assessment component.

  1. Is your global issue clearly defined, focused and:
    • significant,
    • transnational,
    • and relevant to local contexts?

  2. Will you be able to show knowledge and understanding of
    • the global issue,
    • the body of work,
    • the non-literary body of work?

  3. Do you have relevant references to your global issue from:
    • the extracts,
    • the body of work?

  4. Do you have key stylistic and structural features in 
    • the extracts,
    • the body of work?

  5. Can you analyse and evaluate how these features are used to present the global issue in:
    • the extracts,
    • the body of work?

  6. Do you have an outline which enables you to:
    • return to a guiding thesis statement to ensure coherence,
    • treat the extracts, body of work and work in a balanced way.
    • transition, in an organised way, between the global issue, stylistic features and extracts/BOW/work in order to analyse and evaluation

  7. Do you have the vocabulary, terminology and sentence structures to:
    • show your understanding of the global issue,
    • identify the relevant stylistic and structural features of the extracts, body of work and work,
    • evaluate how the authors use them to present the global issue?

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