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Nitisha in Paris

Nitisha Hazareesing is a native French speaker from the Island of Mauritius. She has earned her Bachelor Degree and Masters in French Linguistics  at the University of Mauritius.

She has taught French as a first and a second language for 25 years in her own country and in International schools in Singapore. She has also taught sociolingustics University of Mauritius. She has taught the Cambridge curriculum for the past 25 years, in her home country and in international schools in Singapore. She has also been an IB educator for 14 years and is based in Singapore at the Overseas Family School where she has been the Subject Area Leader for Foreign Languages since 2012.

Nitisha was an IBDP French B examiner, an MYP moderator and monitor, a CIE GCSE examiner and she has authored the French B website and the MYP language acquisition website  published on Philpot Education.

Nitisha is the Subject Area Leader of Foreign Languages Department of her school and she has worked and guided teachers from 4 different languages(German, Mandarin, French and Spanish) for the past 12 years. She oversees that the course delivery and all assessments from all languages are in line with MYP and IGCSE requirements and she ensures that good assessment practices and standards are maintained.

She has expertise in horizontal and vertical curriculum alignment as she has been the head of the Language Acquisition curriculum in an IGCSE and MYP hybrid system.

Nitisha Hazareesing is passionate about teaching Language Acquisition. Her main aim is to instill in her students a passion for language and to promote international mindedness through language and culture. She hopes to be able to guide and give support to teachers in their teaching journey.

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