Common misconceptions

Students and examiners often think differently about the nature and scope of the PP. This page summarises these differences, so that candidates can avoid any misunderstandings. This list of misconceptions is based on discussions with candidates, supervisors and IB examiners. 

What students think What examiners expect
The PP report can be of any length.
The PP report must not exceed 15 pages(anything after this will not be read)
A cover page and a table of content should be included
A cover page and a table of content are not required as they will count in the 15 pages.
The product is graded
While the final product or outcome of the project is an essential component of the assessment, the entire process leading up to that product and the PP report are graded.
I can include hyperlinks in my report as evidence
Hyperlinks will not be opened or clicked on as examiners.
Evidence is to be provided as screenshots.
I can provide evidence as an Appendix
The report should not contain any appendix. All evidence should be included or embedded in the report itself.

One of the Approaches to Teaching (ATTs) states that good teaching is 'informed by assessment'. This is to say that students deserve access to model PP with examiner comments. While this Support Site includes a few examples, schools should also build a library of good student scripts from former students for future students.

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