Specification of the PP report

The Report

  • A report conveys observations, experiences, or investigations, either in spoken or written form.
  • Its primary purpose is to deliver information in a clear and concise manner.
  • The MYP personal project report showcases a student's engagement in their personal project, summarizing the skills and experiences gained throughout the process.
  • The report should be organized into identifiable sections, aligning with the MYP personal project objectives: planning, skill application, and reflection (refer to table 9).
  • It is crucial that the report includes evidence for all strands within every criterion.

Format of the report
  • The format of the personal project report can be adapted to students' resources and interests.
  • Students should consider their learning preferences, personal strengths, and available resources when choosing the report format.
  • Effective communication, marked by clarity and conciseness, is crucial for demonstrating the report's elements and meeting high criteria standards.
  • The student's supervisor is responsible for offering guidance on the report's format.
  • Students have the option to submit their report and supporting evidence in various document and recording combinations, provided they adhere to specified length limits outlined in Table 10 on Page 29 of the Personal Project guide(September21/January22).

  1. To ensure the written part of the report is easily readable, every page should meet the following minimum criteria:

    • Use an 11-point font size.
    • Maintain a minimum margin of 2 cm.
  2. In the case of a spoken report submission, only the audio itself, along with any supporting document pages, will be considered for assessment. Visual aids, like PowerPoint slides, may be utilized to enhance a spoken presentation, but they will not be deemed an integral part of the assessment submission.

  3. When presenting evidence in image format, it must be distinctly visible at the size it is submitted.

  4. The bibliography should be uploaded separately and is not included in the page limit.

  5. Please refrain from including a title page, as its inclusion will be counted toward the page limit.

Requirements of the report submitted as a combination of documents and recordings