4 of the 34 marks for the Extended Essay are for Criterion D: Presentation. The IB does not provide a checklist to remind you to include page numbers, captions and correct citations. Instead Criterion D asks: 

  • To what extent does the structure of the essay lend itself to the topic, subject and argument?
  • To what extent is the layout correct?
  • To what extent do the structure and layout support the reading, understanding and evaluation of the essay?

The first bullet point is arguably the most difficult and is inextricably related to Criterion C: Critical thinking. However, there is no reason why you should lose marks for the second two bullet points on layout. Here is a checklist that you can use to determine if your essay is ready to submit:

EE checklist
  1. Have you checked your word count (under 4000 words, after you have excluded words which are not counted towards the word count)?

  2. Have you numbered tables and figures/illustrations, i.e. Fig.1, Table 1?

  3. Does each table, figure or illustration have a caption or label?

  4. For tables, illustrations and figures that are not based on your own work, have you included citations or full references?

  5. Are tables, illustrations and figures mentioned in the text, using a numbered reference?

  6. Do all in-text citations refer to a source in the bibliography or works cited section?

  7. Is your list of works cited / references / bibliography in alphabetical order?

  8. In your bibliography / works cited, are your sources formatted according to the requirements of your style guide (APA, Chicago, MLA)?

  9. Are your pages numbered?

  10. Does your table of contents include section headings and page numbers?

  11. Are quotations clearly indicated by quotation marks or indented blocks?

  12. Are appendices titled, referenced in the text and listed in the table of context?

  13. Have you used a readable, conventional font? Have you double spaced your lines and used standard margins?

  14. Does your title page include both your title and research question? (Note: do not include your name, candidate number or school name or number on the title pages)

  15. Do your introduction and conclusion answer the research question? Does the answer to your research question follow logically from your arguments, evidence and findings?

  16. Does the structure of your essay lend itself well to your topic, question and research?


How well does your essay structure lend itself to your argument? See the subject-specific interpretations of the assessment criteria in the EE Guide on the Programme Resource Centre under MyIB. There you can find advice on how to use headings and structures that are appropriate for your subject.

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