Visual art - Klee

Study the assessment criteria for the Extended Essay before reading the example essay and RPPF that have been provided below. How would you apply the assessment criteria? How many marks would you award the essay for Criteria A-D and the RPPF for Criterion E? Discuss your comments and marks with a colleague or classmate, before revealing the examiner's comments and marks below.

Extended Essay
Comments and marks

When writing about Visual Arts

There are a few points worth considering when writing an EE in Visual Arts. Take these into consideration when reading the following essay: 

  • Be careful not to summarise secondary sources (i.e. history books on art).
  • Focus on applying theories and ideas on art to particular artists.
  • Avoid writing a biography on an artist.
  • There should be evidence of critical analysis of primary sources (i.e. artwork).
  • Try to come to a personal conclusion that is based on an orginial argument. 


An RPPF with examiner comments is also on this site here. In fact the RPPF that is annotated is the one from this essay. In brief, it is a rather mediocre RPPF, which could have scored much better with a few key changes. Learn from this student's mistakes, so that you do not have to make them on your RPPF

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