Portfolio workflow

How do you create a portfolio entry? What kinds of steps do you take? What does the learning journey look like? In Mr. Philpot's class, every assignment is a portfolio entry and every portfolio entry is a page that students create on their portfolio website which is a Google Site, using the using the portfolio entry template. For the 'formative grade' for each term, Mr. Philpot applies a portfolio rubric, which essentially mirrors the headings in the template. Here are the five steps we take for each assignment / portfolio entry: 

Portfolio workflow by Bradley Philpot


One of the approaches to learning is self-management. How aware are you of your workflow at school in general? Could you make a 5-step process for completing assignments at your school? How might this process differ from class to class, subject to subject? Having a 'workflow' is one of several 'wayfinding' tools that you may use at school.

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