Portfolio entry template

As you develop a learner portfolio, it is important for each entry to reflect the purpose of the entire portfolio, namely to make learning visible. The previous page introduces a portfolio rubric, which is used by Mr. Philpot and his students to monitor development and progress. The portfolio entry template presented here helps you make your learning visible and relevant to the criteria. Each heading in the entry corresponds to a criterion from the rubric. In Mr. Philpot's class, each entry is a page on a Google Site. Each page appears in a section with the same name as the unit during which the activity or assignment was done. You make a copy of the Google Doc here or view it as HTML below. See an example of how this template has been applied below.

Google Doc: Portfolio entry template
Example activity and entry
[Insert the title of your entry here]

WHAT: This is what I've created:

[Include version 1 here]

[Include version 2 here]

WHY: This is why I decided to create what I created:

[Write about what inspired you to make the choices (of texts) that you made here.]

[Write about the key decisions you had to make here.]

HOW: This is how I created what I created

[Write about your processes and methods here. Include rough notes or pictures of activities]

[Write about how you engaged with other websites and people (such as your teacher, peers or family members) here.]

SO WHAT: This is how it went. This is how well I think I did. 

[Include your self-evaluation of the first draft here. What kind of feedback did you receive?]

[Reflect on what you learned. How did you act on feedback? Evaluate how well you did on the final version.] 

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