Sylvia Plath poetry

The following worksheet introduces you to poetry by Sylvia Plath. Besides learning about the stylistic features of her poetry, you'll identify and explore some of her poems' key themes. Once again, you'll find, study and present another non-literary Body of Work on the topic of depression and mental health. As a final creative assignment you will apply what you've learned by writing your own poem. The worksheet helps prepare you for another mock Individual Oral. It takes about 4 weeks to complete at SL and 3 weeks to complete at HL. Do all 7 activities to earn a 7 on this worksheet. 

12.1.2 This dark thing
Poems by Sylvia Plath
DIY BOW Slide Template
BOW presentation: Depression Comix

Poetry works particularly well for the Individual Oral. An individual poem makes for a good extract from a literary work. When you speak for 5 minutes about how a poet presents a global issue in a poem, do not forget to reference other poems by the poet as well. Strike a 50/50 balance between the poem and the collected poems of the poet. 

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