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Kylie has agreed to have her Personal Project published on our website so that both supervisors and students are able to understand the quality work that needs to be produced to achieve a 7 is the PP.
Kylie's Personal Project is nothing short of exceptional, showcasing not only a profound understanding of her chosen topic but also a remarkable commitment to excellence. Her project not only meets but surpasses all the outlined criteria, reflecting a depth of engagement and skill rarely seen. Kylie's mastery of various Approaches to Learning (ATLs) is evident throughout her project journey, from meticulous research and critical thinking to superb communication and collaboration. 
Her work stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and reflective mindset, embodying the IB learner profile attributes. What truly sets Kylie apart is her generosity in sharing her project with others, demonstrating a commendable commitment to community and knowledge-sharing. Through her outstanding Personal Project, Kylie not only excels academically but also becomes a source of inspiration and guidance for her peers.
Sincere thank you to Kylie Edwards, her parents, her PP supervisor and her PP Coordinator, Mr Paul Cartwright, Anton Bruckner International School, Linz, Austria.

Extracts of her project with annotations

Criterion Ai

Criterion Aii

Criterion Bi

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Criterion Ci

Extracts of the process journal and reflection

Evidence - Self-Management skills



Sources of distraction

Means put in place to avoid this distraction and concentrate on the task

Social Media

Normally I will remind myself of ta[1] sks, which are desperately due on my to-do list, and force my mind to get working on that. My Personal Project to-do list is on my wall at all times, and it reminds me of what I need to get done, so I normally follow what I need to do.


Same with social media, I remind myself of what I need to do, and get off of what I’m doing and continue working.

Online friends - Sometimes my calls can last hours with them

Although it’s good to keep in touch with them, I prioritize this as a reward for myself.[2] 

Other work

I try and finish what I need to do, then continue anything I need to for personal project work





What means did you use to…



Examples of means used

Persevere and persist?

When it comes to my comic in general, motivation is one thing, which comes and goes. Normally I will just take my IPad out and start drawing on the pages, instead of whatever I’m doing online. For example, November the 25th, I forced myself to continue the pages, even though I didn’t feel like doing that.

Reward yourself?

Normally to reward myself after all the work I’ve gotten, I contact my two good friends, and call them.



Emotional Management


What means did you use to…


Examples of means used

Overcome your anger?

Most of the time, I find making art is the best way of calming myself.

Reduce your level of anxiety and stress?

Making art is also a good way for reducing stress and anxiety, but I also tend to go read or be on the internet.


 Interviewing Kylie

1. What was the most significant lesson or insight you gained from completing your Personal Project?
The Personal Project taught me many lessons. However, the most important to me was the Self-Management lessons it taught me. During the beginning phase of the Personal Project I had been very disorganized and stressed, but I eventually taught myself to create small due dates, so that I would feel motivated and manage to finish my work. As of now I still apply that in my everyday life.
2. How did your project evolve from its initial concept to its final outcome?
For my personal project, I knew that I wanted to stay in the creative field, no question about it. I had a bunch of initial ideas, all very ambitious, such as writing a short novel or even creating my own manga. However, I realized I needed to narrow my ideas and that I should be more realistic (a novel is not the best idea for a project). I knew at the planning phase that I enjoyed reading manga in my free time, but came to understand formatting and interviews would be difficult to manage, so I went for a different approach: a comic. From there I tackled the genre, initially thinking of creating a mental health awareness comic, but lost interest quickly. In the end, I decided to create a fantasy comic, as I love the fantasy genre, finding inspiration from stories like Lord of the Rings or comics like Nimona.
3. What challenges or obstacles did you encounter, and how did you overcome them?
Initially when I first started working on the Personal Project I would procrastinate and attempt to create and/or finish a certain aspect of either the comic or written essay. However, upon talking with my supervisor, I found that it was easier for me to create small milestones. I challenged myself to create something by a certain time and then write about it another, meaning I did everything little by little until I had the finished project and eventually the written report.
4. In what ways did your Personal Project impact your personal growth and development as a learner?
In the end, I gained personal skills such as self-management and creative thinking, as well as my own motivation method by creating small personal due dates. I also gained better knowledge on comic making, through my interview with someone in the comic field and feedback given from art teachers. Overall, creating the comic gave me insight as to how difficult even something in the creative fields can be, and should not be taken for granted.
5. How do you envision applying the skills and knowledge you acquired in your future studies or endeavors?
I plan on creating my own personal comics, and plan on publishing them online. This helped give me insight into websites and comic creation in general. I learned many small things, such as that the words chosen and their appearance are just as important as the visual art at times.
Additionally, with what I learned from the Personal Project, I expect personal skills, such as organization, will help me in the future when doing school work. Such as in university or college, or even unknowingly with my future job. I speculate that most jobs require organizational skills, and so it could help me to know what works best for me.
6. What advice would you give students who are currently doing the PP?
For any students doing the Personal Project I have three major suggestions that I feel helped me the most.
  • First of all, pick something you enjoy to focus your personal project on, and one that you feel you could work on continuously. By the planning phase, and even before, I heavily adored manga, and wanted to create one. This led me to the idea of creating a comic. Of course this varies from person to person, but it should be taken into consideration.
  • Secondly, it helps to break the Personal Project down, especially the writing aspect. You do not need to write everything at once, because it does take time! I had tried writing everything I could with only half of my physical project finished, and I felt stressed. It helps to make milestones, and I advise having someone, like your supervisor, monitoring these milestones. I discussed these ideas with my supervisor, so that she would make sure I was actually doing the project (and the milestones), as without supervision I would have been slacking.
  • Finally, do your best to work diligently, as the hard work does pay off. The skills I learned while creating and finishing the Personal Project can be applied to my studies as of now. This includes ATL based skills or even skills gained from your physical project like: How do I create a comic? What makes it a good comic ?

Personal Project Exemplar - Creating a comic strip

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