Criterion Bii - ATL Skills applied to Product

To achieve 7-8 

The student provides a comprehensive explanation of how the ATL skill(s) was/were applied to achieve their product, supported by detailed examples or evidence.

Map your ATL skills

What skills did you gain?
What skills do you still need to work on ?
Cultural Kaleidoscope
I am planning to create a captivating photo series
titled "Cultural Kaleidoscope: Portraits of Diversity."
This series will encompass 20 meticulously crafted,
high-quality photographs, each with a unique

Collaboration Skill:

  • Description: Collaborating involves working together with others towards a common goal, sharing ideas, and considering different perspectives.

  • Evidence:

    • Team Photo Shoots: Organized collaborative photo shoots involving participants from diverse cultural backgrounds.
    • Coordination: Worked together to schedule and plan photo sessions, considering the availability and preferences of participants.
  • Exemplars:

    • Diversity Meetings: Conducted meetings with participants to understand their cultural stories and perspectives, fostering collaboration.
    • Feedback Sessions: Collaboratively reviewed and discussed the initial photo results with participants, incorporating their insights into the final series.

Creative Thinking:

  • Description: Creative thinking involves generating unique and innovative ideas, approaching challenges with an imaginative mindset.

  • Evidence:

    • Theme Development: Applied creative thinking to develop distinct themes for each photograph, ensuring a diverse and engaging photo series.
    • Visual Composition: Experimented with different visual elements such as composition, lighting, and angles to enhance the storytelling aspect.
  • Exemplars:

    • Idea Brainstorming: Conducted brainstorming sessions to generate creative ideas for capturing cultural diversity effectively.
    • Adaptation: Adjusted the creative approach based on feedback and reflections, showcasing flexibility in thinking.

These skills were essential in ensuring effective collaboration with participants and bringing a unique, creative perspective to the Cultural Kaleidoscope photo series. Moving forward, I aim to further enhance these skills by seeking more diverse collaboration opportunities and exploring innovative approaches to visual storytelling

Green Futures Recycling App
My product will be the "Green Futures Recycling App” at our school. I
will create a user-friendly and interactive recycling mobile app
designed specifically for our school community.

Collaboration Skill:

  • Description: Collaboration in this context involves working together with peers and potentially seeking input from users to create a mobile app that meets the specific needs of the school community.

  • Evidence:

    • Team Brainstorming: Collaborated with peers to brainstorm ideas for features and functionalities that would enhance the user experience.
    • User Feedback Sessions: Engaged with potential users (students, teachers) to gather feedback on their preferences and needs regarding a recycling app.
  • Exemplars:

    • Feature Prioritization: Collaboratively prioritized app features based on the feedback received, ensuring alignment with user expectations.
    • Team Decision Making: Involved the team in decision-making processes, considering diverse opinions to enhance the app's usability.

Creative Thinking:

  • Description: Creative thinking in app development involves generating innovative solutions to make the recycling app engaging, user-friendly, and impactful.

  • Evidence:

    • User Interface Design: Applied creative thinking to design an intuitive and visually appealing user interface, making the app easy to navigate.
    • Gamification Elements: Explored creative elements such as gamification to encourage active participation in recycling activities through the app.
  • Exemplars:

    • Icon Design: Creatively designed icons and visual elements within the app to make it visually appealing and user-centric.
    • Interactive Features: Introduced interactive features that creatively educate users about recycling practices in an engaging manner.

These collaboration and creative thinking skills played a crucial role in the development of the Green Futures Recycling App. As I continue to work on this project, I aim to further refine these skills by seeking continuous feedback, considering diverse perspectives, and exploring innovative features to enhance the app's impact.

  • Ensure that students not only state which ATL skills were used (be specific) with examples (be specific), but how and where they were applied. 

  • The students are asked to state ATL skill, give examples of those skills in the learning and product goals, and then explaining how and why they were applied. 

  • Listing multiple skills or even giving examples of multiple skills without detailed explanations and evidence will not allow students to reach the highest levels of the criterion.

  • While explaining the ATL skills used in learning and product goals, students should explain and highlight the ATL skill indicators explicitly used in the process along with multiple evidences. (e.g. don;t just state collaborative skills”, state :* Make fair and equitable decisions”

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