Criterion Bi - ATL Skills applied to Learning goal

To achieve 7-8 

The student provides a comprehensive explanation of how the ATL skill(s) was/were applied to achieve their learning goal, supported by detailed examples or evidence.

Map your skills

Learning Goal What skills did you gain?
What skills do you still need to work on ?
Cultural Kaleidoscope
To acquire advanced skills in photography by creating a photo series that explores the cultural diversity of my local community.

Communication: During the project, effective communication played a crucial role. For instance, when planning the photo series, I had to discuss ideas and themes with my friend who modeled for some shots. Through our conversations, I conveyed my vision for each photo, making sure we were on the same page. This helped in capturing the essence of cultural diversity in each image.

Evidence: In my notebook, I documented these discussions. There's a page dedicated to notes from our conversations where I outlined the concepts and themes we wanted to portray in the photos. This not only helped me remember the creative aspects but also served as evidence of my improved communication.

(add screenshots of notes)

Organization: Being organized was key to managing multiple photo shoots and ensuring each one contributed to the overarching theme of cultural diversity. I created a detailed schedule in my planner, specifying dates, locations, and themes for each shoot. This systematic approach ensured I covered a wide range of cultural aspects in the final series.

Exemplar: In the same planner, I kept a checklist for each shoot day, noting down the equipment needed, potential challenges, and backup plans. This level of organization contributed to the success of the project, and the planner itself serves as concrete evidence of my improved organizational skills.

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While my communication skills improved, I see room for refining how I articulate the cultural significance behind each photograph. I aim to express these nuances more effectively in future projects, ensuring the viewer grasps the deeper cultural connections within the images.

Organization: Despite creating a detailed schedule, I encountered unexpected challenges during some shoots. Improving my adaptability and problem-solving skills would help me better handle unforeseen circumstances and maintain the flow of the project.

Exemplar: For instance, during one shoot, the weather changed suddenly, affecting the natural lighting I had planned. Although I adapted on the spot, I acknowledge the need to develop a more comprehensive backup strategy for varying weather conditions.

I also applied new skills like how to handle my camera . This means I got really good at using my camera and playing around with settings to make my photos look awesome. For example, I learned how to change the camera settings to make certain things stand out in my pictures.
Like, if I wanted just one thing to be super clear, I adjusted some buttons on my camera. These skills helped me not only learn how to master all the functionalities of my camera but also to create a photo series that showed how diverse and interesting my community is.

Green Futures Recycling App
To develop a deeper understanding of environmental sustainability and its impact on our local community by creating and implementing a recycling program in our school

  1. Creative Thinking: I applied creative thinking by devising a point-based reward system in the app to incentivize users for recycling, making the process more engaging and enjoyable.
    • Evidence: During the planning phase of the recycling app, I brainstormed innovative features that would engage users and make recycling more appealing. For example, I envisioned a point-based system to reward users for their recycling efforts.
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  2. Critical Thinking: I had to demonstrate critical thinking skills by evaluating the effectiveness of different recycling approaches, analyzing data on local recycling rates, and identifying potential challenges to address in the app.
  • Evidence: In researching environmental sustainability and local recycling programs, I critically evaluated the effectiveness of various approaches. This involved analyzing data on recycling rates, understanding community needs, and identifying potential challenges.

3. Research Skills: I applied research skills to gather insights into environmental sustainability and effective recycling programs, incorporating this knowledge into the design and functionality of the recycling app
  • Evidence: To gain insights into environmental sustainability and effective recycling programs, I conducted research on reputable websites, academic articles, and community case studies. This information informed the design and functionality of the recycling app.

Technical Skills (App Development): I Applied technical skills in app development, including learning programming languages, using app development platforms, and resolving technical issues, ensuring the successful creation of the recycling app.

  • Evidence: Applied technical skills in app development, including learning programming languages, using app development platforms, and troubleshooting technical issues. This involved online tutorials, coding practice, and seeking guidance from experienced developers.

Exemplar: An example of applying creative and critical thinking was when I considered how to motivate users to recycle more. I creatively thought of incorporating gamification elements into the app, turning recycling into a rewarding and enjoyable experience. To critically assess this idea, I researched similar approaches in other contexts and studied the psychological aspects of gamification to ensure its effectiveness in promoting sustainable behavior.

This integration of creative and critical thinking, coupled with research skills, not only contributed to the successful development of the app but also enhanced my ability to approach complex problems with innovative solutions.

While I successfully applied creative and critical thinking skills in designing the recycling app, there's room for improvement. To enhance my creative thinking, I could explore more innovative features or interactive elements to make the app even more appealing. Additionally, I can strengthen my critical thinking by continuously analyzing user feedback, assessing the app's impact on recycling behaviors, and refining the system based on these insights. Furthermore, I aim to further develop my technical skills by staying updated on the latest advancements in app development and exploring more complex functionalities for future projects. Overall, ongoing practice and exposure to diverse challenges will contribute to refining and expanding these valuable skills.

  • Ensure that students not only state which ATL skills were used (be specific) with examples (be specific), but how and where they were applied. 

  • The students are asked to state ATL skill, give examples of those skills in the learning and product goals, and then explaining how and why they were applied. 

  • Listing multiple skills or even giving examples of multiple skills without detailed explanations and evidence will not allow students to reach the highest levels of the criterion.

  • While explaining the ATL skills used in learning and product goals, students should explain and highlight the ATL skill indicators explicitly used in the process along with multiple evidences. (e.g. don;t just state collaborative skills”, state :* Make fair and equitable decisions”

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