Criterion Aiii - Action Plan

To achieve 7-8 

The student presents a comprehensive plan for achieving the product and address all of its related success criteria.

Time-line - Action-Plan

Action plan for the "Cultural Kaleidoscope: Portraits of Diversity"

This plan runs from May to August, with corresponding goals, tasks, and the success criteria addressed:

DateGoalTask (To Do)Success Criteria Addressed
...MayDefine Project ScopeResearch photographic themes for diversity.Creativity, Originality
...MaySecure EquipmentAcquire a high-resolution camera and accessories.Technical Skill, Resolution
 ...JuneDevelop ThemeChoose 20 themes that highlight local culture.Consistency in Theme, Relevance
 ...JuneGather ResourcesIdentify cultural events and locations.Storytelling
...JulyPhoto SessionsSchedule and conduct photography sessions.Image Clarity, Aesthetics
...JulyPost-processingEdit photos to ensure clarity and aesthetic appeal.Image Clarity, Aesthetics
...AugustCurate the SeriesSelect the final 20 photographs for the series.Consistency in Theme, Creativity
...AugustPeer FeedbackShare the series with peers for input and adjustments.Feedback and Peer Review
...AugustFinalize product
Assemble the series and prepare for display
Technical skill, storytelling

This action plan ensures that the project's goals are met while addressing various success criteria such as consistency in theme, technical skill, storytelling, and others.

Action plan for the "Green Futures Recycling App" project.

This plan spans from May to August, with corresponding goals, tasks, and the success criteria addressed:

DateGoalTask (To Do)Success Criteria Addressed
...MayDefine Project ScopeResearch recycling apps, identifying features.Creativity, Originality
...MaySecure EquipmentObtain necessary software and development tools.Technical Skill, Resolution
...JuneDevelop App DesignCreate a user-friendly and interactive interface.Consistency in Theme, Relevance
...JuneGather Content and InformationCollect recycling guidelines, data, and resources.Storytelling
...JulyApp DevelopmentStart app development and implement features.Image Clarity, Aesthetics
...JulyTest and DebugEnsure the app functions without issues.Image Clarity, Aesthetics
...AugustPeer Review and FeedbackShare the app with peers for input and improvements.Feedback and Peer Review
...AugustFinalize AppPrepare the app for schoolwide use.Size and Format, Print Quality

Comments on how the action plan was implemented

The action plan could(ideally) be accompanied with comments/explanations of how it was implemented.

Cultural Kaleidoscope: Portraits of Diversity
Green Futures Recycling App,
    For the "Cultural Kaleidoscope: Portraits of Diversity" project, the action plan was implemented diligently. Research on diverse cultural aspects was extensive, allowing for a creative and original photo series. Challenges arose in coordinating photo shoots, but effective communication with participants and careful planning overcame these obstacles.
    I faced some challenges like bad weather and scheduling issues with participants. It was tricky to rearrange things, but I finally managed it!

    The final photo series turned out even better than planned, showing that we could handle unexpected issues and still make a great product.

for the "Green Futures Recycling App" project, challenges emerged during the decision-making process for user-friendly features and ensuring widespread adoption among students.

Overcoming technical glitches in the app development phase also posed a significant challenge. Overcoming technical glitches in my project felt like tackling computer puzzles. When the app didn't behave as planned, I had to figure out the missing pieces, a bit like solving a jigsaw puzzle. I experimented with different approaches, a bit like trying out strategies in a video game. It needed some patience and creativity, but in the end, I got the app working smoothly!

Approaches to learning

Setting an action plan involves several Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills:

  1. Organization Skills: Creating a structured plan requires organizing tasks, goals, and timelines effectively.

  2. Communication Skills: Clearly outlining the action plan involves communication, ensuring everyone involved understands their roles and responsibilities.

  3. Self-Management Skills: Planning and scheduling tasks in the action plan demonstrate self-management, as it involves personal discipline and time management.

  4. Thinking Skills: Developing an action plan requires critical thinking to identify the necessary steps and potential challenges.

  5. Social Skills: If the action plan involves a team, social skills come into play in coordinating efforts and collaborating effectively.

  6. Research Skills: Gathering information and insights to inform the action plan demonstrates research skills.

  7. Reflection: Periodically reflecting on the action plan's progress helps in adjusting strategies and improving future planning.

Learner profile


 Thinkers approach problems and make decisions critically and creatively. When devising an action plan, one engages in thoughtful consideration, analyzing various aspects of the project, foreseeing potential challenges, and strategically planning to achieve the desired goals. The ability to think critically and strategically contributes to the effectiveness of the action plan, aligning with the Learner Profile's emphasis on fostering independent and reflective thinking.

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