Criterion Ci - Impact of Project

To achieve 7-8 

The student gives a detailed account including reasons or causes of the effect of the project on themselves or their learning.

What is the Impact of the Project ?

Impact on themselves
Impact on their learning
Cultural Kaleidoscope

Engaging in this project has made me become more self-aware, as I had reflect on my cultural perceptions and biases. The exposure to diverse communities broadened my understanding and fostered a reflective mindset.

The experience made me become more empathetic as I connected with individuals from various backgrounds through photography. Through the Cultural Kaleidoscope project, I developed a stronger sense of empathy. As I interacted with individuals from diverse backgrounds during the photography sessions, I gained a deeper understanding of their unique stories and experiences. This connection fostered a caring attitude within me, as I realised the profound impact images can have in bridging cultural gaps and promoting mutual understanding.

I have also become more of an as the project pushed me to inquire deeply into cultural nuances and storytelling through photography. Learning about different cultures and telling stories through photos really sparked my curiosity. For example, when I researched and captured the traditions of a local community, it made me even more curious about the richness of diverse cultures.

Also, creating the Cultural Kaleidoscope series increased my knowledge of photography techniques. Before, I mainly took simple photos, but now I can play with angles, lighting, and composition to make my pictures more interesting. It's like unlocking new levels in a photography game—you start with the basics, and as you progress, you learn more advanced skills. This helped me capture the essence of each culture more effectively and tell their stories in a visually compelling way.

To acquire advanced skills in photography by creating a photo series that explores the cultural diversity of my local community. To develop a deeper understanding of environmental sustainability and its impact on our local community by creating and implementing a recycling program in our school
Green futures recycling app
Creating the Green Futures Recycling App significantly improved my coding and problem-solving abilities. I am now more of an inquirer and a more autonomous learner and thinker.
 I had to dive into coding languages, deal with bugs, and constantly refine the app, developing a knack for troubleshooting and logical thinking.
Doing this project made me care more about the environment. I realized how much waste affects things, and the app is not just about tech—it's about helping our community recycle more.
When I worked on the app, I didn't just focus on tech stuff. I also learned how tech can help the environment. This shows that I'm open-minded and know more about using tech to solve real-world problems.
This project got me really excited about finding solutions that matter. It's not just about tech skills; it changed how I see things. Now, I want to use technology to make our community more eco-friendly. That's me being thoughtful and sticking to what I believe in.
Guiding questions

  1. How has the project impacted your personal growth and development?
  2. What lasting effects has the project had on your academic understanding?
  3. Can you share specific moments or experiences during the project that noticeably influenced your learning?
  4. How did your feelings or perceptions change as you actively engaged in the project?
  5. Looking back, what aspects of the project brought you the most joy or satisfaction?

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