Science & Art: Astronomination Board

For her personal project, Raquel created a storyboard for an animation regarding the topics surrounding life in space, specifically concerning ethics, that was backed by research. However, that was not her initial plan; she wanted to create fully finished animation regarding the topic, but the goal was too unrealistic for the time frame and her other responsibilities. Another challenge Raquel faced was time management and scheduling, as everything seemed to clash with Personal Project. With the help of her MYP coordinator, Ms. Zunaira Siddiqi, and her PP supervisor, Ms. Yesica Ricaurte, Raquel was able to navigate this journey, all of which is detailed and reflected upon in her report. She wouldn’t have been able to do it without their support and guidance, and for that she is extremely grateful. She learned hard skills like animation, character design, and story writing along with soft skills related to organization, time management, reflection, communication, and writing.
Raquel's Personal Project is truly exceptional, displaying not just a deep grasp of her chosen subject but also an outstanding dedication to excellence. Her project not only fulfills but exceeds all the specified standards, showcasing a level of involvement and expertise that is rare. Raquel's command of various Approaches to Learning (ATLs) is evident throughout her project, from detailed research and critical thinking to excellent communication and collaboration skills. Her work mirrors her steadfast commitment and thoughtful approach, embodying the attributes of the IB learner profile. What makes Raquel stand out is her generosity in sharing her project with others, illustrating a commendable dedication to the community and knowledge exchange. Through her remarkable Personal Project, Raquel not only excels academically but also becomes an inspiring figure and guide for her peers.
Sincere thank you to Raquel Pombal, her parents, her PP supervisor and her PP Coordinator and MYP Coordinator.

Extracts of her project with annotations

Criterion Ai

Criterion Aii

Refer to Pages 4 and 5 of her full report to view her extremely detailed and impressive Success Criteria Table.

Criterion Bi - Research Skills

Refer to Pages 7 to 9  of her full report to view her Research table that shows evidence of Research and Critical thinking

Criterion Bii - Self-management skills

Criterion Ci - Reflecting on the impact

Cii Evaluating the product

Refer to Pages 14 and 15 of her full report to view her evaluation table and reflection

Photos of her product

Personal Project Exemplar - Storyboard for Astronimation

Important note: 

Please note that Raquel's PP has 16 pages. The 16th page is a continuation of her evaluation table which she has included in great detail from pages 14 to 16. Please make sure you limit your work to 15 pages as the 16th page will not be read. Raquel still made it to a 7 as her work is of excellent quality through and through

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