Biology - Smoking

Study the assessment criteria for the Extended Essay before reading the example essay and RPPF that have been provided below. How would you apply the assessment criteria? How many marks would you award the essay for Criteria A-D and the RPPF for Criterion E? Discuss your comments and marks with a colleague or classmate, before revealing the examiner's comments and marks below.

Extended Essay
Comments and marks

When writing about Biology

There are a few points worth considering when writing an EE in Biology. Take these into consideration when reading the following essay: 

  • Essays on biology should have a biological focus. 
  • Experiments should be run in an ethical manner that does not harm its subjects (including animals and humans). 
  • Essays should draw on primary sources such as: 
    • experimentation
    • survey
    • microscopic observations
    • biological drawing
    • fieldwork
  • Essay may also draw on secondary sources, such as scientific articles.
  • Biology essays are expected to comment on why a particular methodology was chosen and how it was carried out.
  • Like all extended essays, Biology essays should not be a glorified version of work that has already been submitted for internal assessment. 
  • Like all extended essays, the content should show evidence of critical thinking and avoid summary or reductive description. 

Notice the examiner's comment that the methodology is rather 'pedestrian' for this age group. When deciding on an experiment, think about an appropriate level of challenge for you. Discuss the appropriateness of your methodology with your Biology teacher and supervisor

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