Supervisor Role & Academic honesty

As you set out to write your PP, know that you are not alone. You have a supervisor. The role of your supervisor is to guide you. Here is a mind map to help you make sense of the roles, requirements and recommendations for supervisors.

The role of the supervisor:

  • Verifying that the selected MYP project topic aligns with appropriate legal and ethical standards, encompassing health and safety, confidentiality, human rights, animal welfare, and environmental considerations.
  • Issuing guidelines regarding the MYP project.
  • Furnishing a schedule that specifies deadlines.
  • Supplying the assessment criteria for the project.
  • Providing guidance on maintaining and organizing evidence of the project's development.
  • Stressing the significance of personal analysis and introspection.
  • Delivering constructive feedback during the project's formative stages.
  • Ensuring adherence to the requirements for academic honesty.
  • Confirming the authenticity of the submitted work.
  • Evaluating the MYP project using the criteria outlined in this guide.
  • Participating in the standardization of the assessment process.
  • Submitting teacher-assessed totals for the Personal Project to the MYP coordinator for entry into the International Baccalaureate Information System (IBIS).
Students should be provided with information and guidelines that cover
    • Instructions regarding the personal project.
    • A schedule outlining specific deadlines.
    • The criteria for assessing the project.
    • Recommendations on maintaining and effectively utilizing a process journal.
    • The significance of engaging in personal analysis and reflection.
    • Constructive feedback during the project's formative stages.
    • Expectations concerning academic integrity.
Academic Honesty

For PP projects, students and their supervisors are required to use the academic honesty form provided by the IB. This form serves to record their meeting dates and the key topics discussed, as well as to declare the academic integrity of the work.

You can access the form here.

Typically, you need to document only three meeting dates, commonly chosen to be at the project's initiation, mid-point, and conclusion. The ultimate declaration, affirming academic honesty, should be jointly signed by both the student and the supervisor upon the submission of the final report.

The role of the library, media and resource centre

The library, media center, or resource facility plays a pivotal role in supporting students, and it is advisable to engage the librarian or resource specialist in the personal project's progression. The librarian or resource specialist can offer valuable assistance in developing research skills, locating and acquiring necessary resources, and providing expertise in areas like referencing and compiling bibliographies.

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