3. Unit planner

Here is an overview of this unit on 'Identity and growing up'. 

Conceptual understanding

  • The key concepts for this unit are identity, transformation and culture.
  • Related concepts for this unit include conflict and coming of age.
  • The purpose of this unit is to understand how growing up in adverse circumstances shapes one's sense of identity.
  • The learning has been contextualised by exploring the life and times of Marjane Satrapi and other people who have lived through adverse circumstances, such as the Vietnam War or WWII. 
Lines of inquiry
  • In what ways do Marjane Satrapi and others comment on traumatic events from their youth  through the medium of the graphic novel? (factual)
  • To what degree do experiences shape one's sense of identity? (conceptual) 
  • To what degree are graphic novels and memoirs accurate historical documents? (debatable)
Learning goals

  • We aim to develop an understanding and appreciation for the language of graphic novels and memoirs.
  • We aim to develop comparative writing and skills.
  • We aim to become better global citizens, through an exploration of different cultures, communities and histories.
9-week overview

  1. Worksheet 3.1 Persepolis (4-5 weeks SL/HL)
  2. Worksheet 3.2 Another graphic memoir (4-5 weeks SL/HL)


  • Mock Paper 2 (SL/HL)

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