1. Unit planner

Here is an overview of this unit on 'fairness and representation'. 

Conceptual understanding

  • The key concepts for this unit are representation and identity.
  • Related concepts for this unit include protest, prejudice and justice. 
  • The purpose of this unit is to understand how the language of magazine covers, letters and photographs can capture and represent ones' sense of identity, cultural conflict and what's just.
  • The learning has been contextualised by exploring texts in relation to the global protests over the ages, such as the Civil Rights Movement, Indian independence and the Umbrella Movement. 
Lines of inquiry
  • How have various media been used to represent individuals and their causes? (factual) 
  • What constitutes a fair representation of individuals, people and their causes? What's 'fair'? (conceptual) 
  • To what extent is our perception of idividuals, people and their causes warped by the media? (debatable)
Learning goals

  • We aim to develop an appreciation for the language of photographers, artists, political leaders and advertisers.
  • We aim to develop the skills to write and speak analytically about a range of texts and their messages.
  • We aim to become better global citizens, through an exploration of different cultures, communities and histories.
9-week overview

  1. Worksheet 1.1 On the cover of a magazine (SL 4 weeks) (HL 3 weeks)
  2. Worksheet 1.2 Text Types (SL 4 weeks) (3 weeks)
  3. Worksheet 1.3 A picture says a thousand words (HL) (HL 3 weeks)


  • Mock Paper 1 (SL/HL)

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