Unit planner

This is a sample planner for a unit on beauty, perspective and representation. It is presented here as one of many ways to engages with some of the texts and works in this section in order to understand the 7 concepts (including perspective and representation), explore the areas of exploration and discuss relevant global issues

Conceptual understanding

  • The key concepts for this unit is perspective.
  • Related concepts for this unit include beauty, representation, pressure and self-esteem. 
  • The purpose of this unit is to understand how social constructs of beauty are constructed and challenged.
  • The learning has been contextualised by exploring both modern-day advertising campaigns and the novel The Bluest Eye.
Lines of inquiry
  • How have various mass-media messages had both positive and negative effects on women's mental health? (factual)
  • To what degree is our understanding of 'beauty' shaped by nature or social pressures? (conceptual) 
  • To what degree should advertisers project reality or sell us an unattainable dream? (debatable)
Learning goals

  • We aim to develop an understanding and appreciation for the language of novelists, advertisers and speakers and the messages that they communicate.
  • We aim to develop writing and speaking skills in order to show our understanding of and comment on the messages of writers.
  • We aim to become better global citizens, through an exploration of different cultures, communities and histories.
7-week overview

  1. Read the first chapter of The Bluest Eye, Autumn. Draw the chapter and create a tableau vivant to show your understanding of it.
  2. Read the second chapter of The Bluest Eye, Winter, and discuss questions on it (and the previous chapter).
  3. Read the third chapter of The Bluest Eye, Spring, and write diary entries from a character's perspective.
  4. Read the fourth chapter of The Bluest Eye, Summer, and identify how a global issue is presented through several stylistic features in a passage of 30 lines.
  5. Explore the Dove Real Beauty campaign. Present one of the commercials from this campaign to your classmates and explore global issues that are relevant to those found in The Bluest Eye.
  6. Read several opinion columns by Funmi Fetto. Conduct a short group presentation on how she presents several global issues through her use of style and structure, comparing these issues to those found in The Bluest Eye.
  7. Study 'The Fat Black Woman's Poems' by Grace Nichols. Record a practice individual oral, receive feedback on it and re-submit a recording of the individual oral. (This is only a mock assessment for formative feedback). 


  • The Bluest Eye (TBE): Draw the chapter and tableau vivant (portfolio)
  • TBE: Group discussion Q&As (portfolio)
  • TBE: Imaginary diary entries (portfolio)
  • Individual oral outline and passages (portfolio)
  • Mock individual oral (summative)
  • Re-take the individual oral (portfolio)

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