2. Unit planner

Here is an overview of this unit on 'beauty and perspective'. 

Conceptual understanding

  • The key concepts for this unit are identity, representation and perspective.
  • Related concepts for this unit include beauty, gender and self-worth.
  • The purpose of this unit is to understand how social constructs of beauty are constructed and challenged.
  • The learning has been contextualised by exploring modern-day advertising campaigns in Western countries, a novel about race relations in the US South, and poetry from Guyanese and British author Grace Nichols.
Lines of inquiry
  • How are social constructs of beauty and gender created and communicated? (factual)
  • To what degree does one's cultural perspective shape one's understanding of gender and beauty? (conceptual) 
  • To what degree do media platforms have a responsibility to communicate healthy constructs of beauty? (debatable)
Learning goals

  • We aim to develop an understanding and appreciation for the language of novelists, advertisers and poets.
  • We aim to develop writing and speaking skills in order to show our understanding of and comment on the messages of writers.
  • We aim to become better global citizens, through an exploration of different cultures, communities and histories.
9-week overview

  1. Worksheet 2.1 The Bluest Eye (6 weeks SL) (4 weeks HL)
  2. Worksheet 2.2 Dove Campaign for Real Beauty (3 weeks SL) (2 weeks HL)
  3. Worksheet 2.3 Beauty is a Fat Black Woman (2 weeks HL)


  • Mock individual oral (SL/HL)

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