The Great Gatsby (HLE)

The following HL Essay aims to answer the line of inquiry: 

How and why does the motif of higher education in The Great Gatsby play an important role in the readers’ understanding of class in America in the 1920s?

Read the essay carefully. Apply the HLE assessment criteria and discuss the marks you would award the script before reading the examiner's marks and comments. How different were your marks and comments from the examiner's marks and comments? What improvements would you make to this essay to achieve better results?

HL Essay: The Great Gatsby
Examiner's comments and marks

This essay is good because it has a clear angle or focus on a 'topic'. Look carefully at the assessment criteria, and you will see that you need to explore a 'topic' through your HL Essay. In this case, it is the role of higher education in the novel The Great Gatsby. This level of specificity is good when considering your topic.  

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