It will be sunny one day

Read the following stimulus text, guiding question and the student's response. Apply the P1 assessment criteria and discuss the marks that you would award the script before reading the examiner's marks and comments. How different were your marks and comments from the examiner's marks and comments? What improvements could be made to this student's response, in order to achieve better results? Read the Marking Notes to inform your understanding of the student's response and your marks and comments.  

P1 Stimulus text: It will be sunny one day
Student response
Paper 1 assessment criteria SL/HL
Examiner's comments and marks
Marking notes

This response is very good because it is relevant to the guiding question on figurative language. The candidate resists the temptation to write about all of the other rich, stylistic features in Stephen Fry's letter, such as syntax, structure and capitalisation. With a limited time to write your analysis, be sure to focus on the guiding question. 

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