The Great Gatsby and The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Read the following Paper 2 exam and the student's response to it, which was written in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Apply the assessment criteria and discuss the marks that you would award the essay before reading the examiner's marks and comments. How different were your marks and comments from the examiner's marks and comments? What improvements could be made to achieve better results?

Essay question: How does narrative perspective shape the reader’s perception of events and characters in two literary works?  

Paper 2 exam #6
Student Response
Paper 2 Assessment criteria SL/HL
Examiner's comments and marks

To what extent are examiners familiar with the candidate's literary works? This is a difficult question. Not all examiners will be familiar with all the works that they read about on Paper 2 responses. Nevertheless, any examiner can identify a strong argument and analysis. Ensure that you build a case, answer the question and analyse the works. 

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