Ketchup ads

How have print advertisements for ketchup changed over the ages? As insignificant as they may seem, print ads - even those for products like ketchup - say something about cultural values. Tracking ads for a particular product, like Heinz Ketchup, over the ages shows how cultural values shift and evolve. Check out the following ads and do the activity to see how Anglo-American values have evolved over the years. You will also see how the conventions of advertising have evolved.  

Ketchup ads through the ages

  1. Work in groups. One person should ‘make a copy’ (under ‘file’) of these Google Slides.

  2. Each ad has been taken from a different decade from 1910-2010 with the exception of the 1980s. Moving the thumbnail images of the ads on the left of Google Slides, place the ads in the right sequence from old to new.

  3. What contextual knowledge helped you place these ads in the right sequence? Discuss your analysis of each image.

  4. Click on the answer sheet. See how the points to consider compared to your analyses of the images. Why did you get some answers wrong or right? How have advertising techniques changed over the ages?

  5. In what ways has this lesson deepened your understanding of and related to one or more of the 7 concepts: transformation, identity, culture, communication, creativity, perspective or representation?


Whether or not these Heinz Ketchup advertisements have a 'sense of authorship' is disputable, which means you may or may not consider these ads a 'body of work' for your individual oral. However, you can use any one of these ads to practice writing a  Paper 1-style analysis.

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