Dove Real Beauty

In 2004 Dove partnered with Ogilvy & Mather to organise a photography exhibit called "Beyond Compare: Women Photographers on Real Beauty." Besides starting a global conversation on 'beauty', the exhibit started a revolution in the world of advertising. This page encourages you to explore the commercials (short films) created for the Dove Real Beauty campaigns since 2004. You can use this collection of commercials as a Body of Work (BOW) for a (mock) individual oral.     

  1. Get into groups. Assign each group a different commercial from the Dove Real Beauty campaigns above. In your group, make a 'connect, extend, challenge' chart, like the one you see below. Report back to the class, show your video to the class and share your answers from the 'connect, extend, challenge' chart. As a class discuss each column from everyone's chart. 

  2. Connect Extend Challenge
    How are the ideas from these commercials and ads connected to what you already knew about the beauty industry, self-esteem and related topics? What new ideas did you get from these commercials and ads that extended or pushed your thinking in new directions? What is still challenging or confusing about these campaign? What questions, wonderings or puzzles do you have?

  3. Go to the Wikipedia page on Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. View the last video in the slide show above, in which Mark Ritson mansplains Dove's marketting successes. Have any of your questions from your 'challenge' column been answered? Do you have any new questions? Has Dove's campaign really changed the way other companies advertise and market their products today? Do you agree or disagree with the criticismsthat Dove has received in response to their campaigns on beauty?

  4. As a class, collectively write a Google Doc that lists the global issues that come out of this the Dove Real Beauty campaign as a Body of Work (BOW). In your list of global issues, be sure to refer to one or more of the seven concepts (transformation, identity, perspective, creativity, communication, culture and representation). Then highlight any global issues in the list that relate to any literary works that you have already read this year, such as The Bluest Eye or Grace Nichols' poetry. 

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty can be considered a 'body of work' (BOW) for or your individual oral. The 'global issue' for such an oral might be: 'how the fashion industry's narrow definitions of 'beauty' negatively affect girls' self-esteem and sense of identity'. You can pair an ad or commercial from this campaign with a passage from a novel that you have read (such as The Bluest Eye) or a poem from a poet that you have explored (such as Grace Nichols or Carol Ann Duffy). 

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